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   Alba Lopez-Rivas

The first guarantee I offer for the quality of my services is that I love what I do.  Each job that I accept becomes a personal commitment and goal to produce the best possible translation.  The second guarantee is my extensive translation experience dating back to 1980, which includes: more than 15 years as bilingual legal assistant to an attorney in Phoenix, Arizona; 6 years as Spanish translator for the Paradise Valley School District in Phoenix, Arizona; 15 years as translator and interpreter for multiple clients in Arizona and other states; 15 years as bilingual program assistant and translator for UNICEF and other United Nations agencies; certified legal translator and interpreter in home country (Guatemala, Central America); medical interpreter training through the Maricopa County Spanish Bilingual Assistant Program; teaching experience in both English and Spanish as second languages.  In addition, I am a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and of (Translators Forum).

 I am committed to providing you the best Spanish and English Translation possible!




 "Working with Ms. Lopez-Rivas has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  It was obvious that she put a lot of time and energy into accurately translating the documents I sent her.  The translations she provided were full of very technical industry specific terms so she was in regular contact with me to determine the exact meaning of the language.  Her attention to detail, responsiveness, and adherence to deadlines were all excellent.  I would recommend Ms. Lopez-Rivas to anyone seeking English-Spanish translations."

Jamie Weirback
Product Development Manger


“I am the coordinator of translations and interpretations for one of the biggest school districts in Arizona, and Ms. Alba Lopez-Rivas has worked for us as an English/Spanish translator for many years as a freelance.  Her work is impeccable, showing great attention to detail.  She is very reliable, always mindful of deadlines and consistently a pleasure to work with.  Her contribution to our organization has been invaluable.  I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Lopez-Rivas for any English/Spanish translating job.” 

 Clemencia Cavanagh


 "Ms. Lopez-Rivas has, from the very start, always provided translations of the highest quality. Her skills and extensive experience consistently result in a high-quality, accurate translation. To any organization, this caliber of service is invaluable and allows one to deliver services effectively and in a timely manner."

 AnaMaría Bambarén-Call


 "I have found Ms. Alba Lopez-Rivas to be a competent translator, personable, conscientious and very reliable in attention to details."

  Bruce C. Elliot, Phoenix, Arizona


 “I have had the pleasure to work with Ms. Lopez-Rivas and without hesitation can say that she is a very conscientious and responsible person, always giving the proper attention to quality and deadlines.”

 Lucy Matticoli-Mason, Spanish Translator


  “Ms. Lopez-Rivas was assigned to a very dynamic and time-sensitive project, where the volume of translation from day-to-day was unpredictable. During the time this project was ongoing, Ms. Lopez-Rivas was an outstanding team member who demonstrated the necessary flexibility to complete the tasks needed with high quality and always on time.”  

 Alix Noguera-Lockhart

Spanish Approach, LLC


 “Alba translated several kinds of documents for our organization, for many years.  She always turned in her translations on time, and these were written in an impeccable manner, enabling us to provide high-quality information to our Head Office.  It is evident that she enjoys this line of work, as she is a very thorough and devoted translator.   In addition, she has a very pleasant personality and was always willing to work even under difficult conditions (time-wise).  Whoever hires her services will be surely pleased with the results.”

 Ingrid van der Sluys Veer de Soto






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